NAATI Certified Thai Translator and Interpreter

My name is Phanthakan Sureeyathanaphat, nickname Duen.

I am a Brisbane-based NAATI certified Thai translator and trained interpreter at the Master’s Degree level.

I pride myself on providing high-quality translating and interpreting services, and I am competent in the use of the Thai royal language conventions.

If you are looking for quality translations by a NAATI certified translator in either language direction, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

My work as a translator and interpreter

Prior to my relocation to Australia in 2019, I was the sole official interpreter of the Ambassador of the United States of America to Thailand, based in Bangkok. Before that, I was a professional simultaneous interpreter at Bangkok Life Assurance PLC in Bangkok.



  • Certified Translator Thai > English
  • Certified Translator English > Thai
  • Certified Provisional Interpreter Thai and English

Tertiary Education

  • MA in Translation and Interpreting (Thai and English), Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
  • BA in English, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
  • IELTS overall score: 8.5
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NAATI Interpreter Badge
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A professional with a passion

I love and value the work I do as a professional interpreter and translator. I feel a strong sense of purpose and have always been proud to use my specialised skills helping people of different language and cultural backgrounds to express themselves and communicate with each other in writing and verbally.

Each day in this professional rewards me with opportunities to learn new things, to meet people from all walks of life, and to contribute to the greater good of society. I look forward to many more opportunities to come.


What is a NAATI Certification?

NAATI is the Australian standards and certification authority for professional translators and interpreters.

Only NAATI can issue certifications to practitioners wanting to work as a professional within this field in Australia.

Engaging a NAATI Certified Translator or Interpreter ensures the service you receive will be of a high quality and standard.

It is also a requirement that certain documents for government and immigration purposes will only be accepted if translated by a NAATI Certified Translator.

Does NAATI Certify Companies or Organisations?

No. NAATI only certifies individual translators and interpreters. Organisations and companies cannot state that they are certified by NAATI.

Does NAATI Certify Translations?

No. NAATI only certifies individual translators and interpreters as meeting the stringent quality guidelines and standards set by NAATI, and does not certify the individual works of each practitioner.

If you are considering engaging a business or individual that claims to provide “NAATI Certified Translations”, you should carefully reconsider your options.

What is AUSIT?

AUSIT is the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators.

They are the national association for the translating and interpretation profession within Australia.

Members of AUSIT adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and follow continuous professional development, enabling people to choose from a range of experienced and qualified interpreters and translators.

When working with an AUSIT member, you are ensuring that the work you receive is provided by a fully-trained and professional translator or interpreter.

Contact Me

I typically reply to emails within five hours.

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    I typically reply within five hours.


    Brisbane, QLD Australia


    19 474 980 854