Professional Thai Interpreter

Have your meeting, event or personal communication interpreted from English to Thai or Thai to English by a professional Thai Interpreter.

With over ten years of experience, I will correctly communicate your ideas and concepts between the English and Thai languages in either direction.

Interpreting Services

I specialise in diplomatic and business interpreting and translation but I also support the following fields with interpreting services:

  • international relations
  • life and non-life insurance
  • human rights & human trafficking
  • extradition
  • investment
  • defence
  • marketing
  • education
  • arts & culture
  • history
  • transport
  • aviation and many more.

Conference Interpretation

Conference interpretation requires interpreters to work in pairs for the best outcomes.

My colleagues and I offer professional conference interpreting services between Thai and English, both on-site and remotely.

Our extensive experience interpreting for leading public and private organisations ensures that your event will be translated accurately and professionally.

If you would like more information about my conference interpreting service and how I can support your organisation or business, contact me today.

A professional Thai translator and interpreter

“I love and value the work I do as an interpreter. I feel a strong sense of purpose and have always been proud to use my specialised skills helping people of different language and cultural backgrounds to express themselves and communicate with each other.”


Need a Thai Translation?

I also provide Thai translation services for business, medical, migration, and other areas.

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Diplomatic Interpreting

Diplomatic interpreting often requires the use of whispered, consecutive, and simultaneous interpreting in situations such as press conferences, official visits, meetings, gala events and more.

As the official interpreter of the US Ambassador to Thailand, I often performed these functions and was required to have an in-depth understanding of current affairs, be professional, discreet and very well presented.

If you need this level of professionalism and expertise for your interpreting assignment, please contact me.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

With remote simultaneous interpreting, you can host your meeting or event on-site or virtually with attendees and interpreters located anywhere in the world.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and high-speed internet, my colleagues and I deliver seamless and simultaneous interpretation for business meetings, bilingual Thai and English conferences and more.

The equipment we use meets the standards set by many of our industry’s leading interpreting agencies, and includes:

• Premium-quality USB headsets with active noise cancellation
• High-performance laptop computers using multiple screens
• High-speed internet via gigabit ethernet connections

To have your meeting or event simultaneously interpreted from Thai to English or vice-versa, contact me to discuss your needs.

Additional Interpreter Services 

A conference interpreter wearing a headset in an interpreter booth
Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting relies heavily on structured note taking while a person is speaking in the source language, before being verbally reproduced by the translator in the target language.

Consecutive interpretation is commonly used for:

  • Interviews with the Press
  • Business and corporate meetings
  • Legal proceedings
  • Health reviews and consultations
  • Matters of diplomacy, and more.
Whispered Interpreting

Whispered interpreting is similar to that of simultaneous interpreting, in that the interpreter must listen to and understand the message in one language, before communicating the message using a second language.

The difference being that the interpreted message is “whispered” into the ear of the person receiving the message, rather than being spoken aloud.

This form of interpreting is often used in situations when suitable audio equipment is not available for simultaneous interpreting.

Legal Interpreter

If you need a legal interpreter to translate between Thai and English for court cases, witness statements, depositions, mediations and other legal matters, I can assist.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Business Interpreting

Business interpreting is one of my specialities and requires knowledge of the vocabulary of business and industry terms to provide comprehensive and accurate interpretation.

If you need an interpreter for your business or corporate event, I’d be pleased to assist you. 

Health and Medical Interpreting

As a former diplomatic interpreter, I understand the importance of discretion and privacy when it comes to interpreting sensitive information.

If you need an accredited interpreter to discreetly translate information between a patient and medical professional, I can assist.

Wedding Interpreting

To ensure that both the couple and witnesses fully understand the legal aspects of your wedding ceremony, a interpreter may be required.

As a NAATI certified provisional interpreter, I can fulfil this need by translating the Monitum and legal vows.

I can also assist at your wedding reception by translating the speeches of family members.

Need a different Thai interpreting service?
Please contact me using the details below to discuss your specific requirements.

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